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What’s Your Art of Life?

I have an unwritten agreement with my doctor (I must be careful here, he may be reading this – Yeah, sure!) – I am a diabetic with other “issues”, and when he and I get to discussing diet, I flat … Continue reading

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A Few Close Kitchen Friends

I’m a little reluctant to enter today’s subject realm – frankly because of the fear that somehow I’m covering ground that others, many others, may have already covered.  And yet, as I move from site to site on the web, … Continue reading

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Grazing in My Kitchen Meadow

On this most auspicious day in our national history, I respectfully offer both my sincere best wishes and hope that we, as a culture and a society, stand on the fringe of a great future – and that this day … Continue reading

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Pulp Friction

I’ve been under the influence of some unfamiliar spirits lately. Whatever their origin, they have influenced me to do unique things, like removing all my collection of assorted printers from the study, where they were awaiting listing and sale on … Continue reading

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The Old Man and his Quirks

Now that I’m “mature”, as humans go, it’s interesting to think back on the development of those “quirks” which all old people exhibit. As a young’in, I’m sure I never said to myself, “You’d better be careful about this behavior, … Continue reading

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