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A Cupcake for My Cupcake

Oh man, its Valentine’s Day! One side of me says, “So?” The other says, “Whoa … I’ve got to come up with something meaningful – you know, to avoid the impression that it’s a meaningless day!” Of course, my beloved … Continue reading

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Ever Hear of Thai Muffins?

My daughter, Melanie and I have been discussing sweet potatoes and how much she and I enjoy them – and enjoy cooking and baking with them. On the heels of last week’s simple but exotic Thai Coconut Shrimp Curry with … Continue reading

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“We Truly Are a Nation of Fools”, but we do love our fast food!

I have been in a contemplative and introspective mode these last several days – and I fear this is so because I’m slipping into the habits of the elderly, as much as that bothers me – and it does. I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Masquerade

My favorite ethnic cooking style is Asian – God knows how much of my life has been spent in discovering every Asian enclave in every major U.S. city, (+ Vancouver, B.C., which, BTW, beats to hell every similar enclave in … Continue reading

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