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“Get ye to the nunnery!”

Continued from: Down deep, I’m a basically positive person – this makes it relatively easy to take life’s bumps and bruises without emotional trauma – I frequently see value in situations that others fear and avoid. And so it was … Continue reading

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New World Travelers in Old San Juan, or, how the hell do they get that big?

I’m sitting here, listening to Cuban music, which for me has so much more listenability (this IS a word -right? Damn you, Spell-Checker!) than any other Hispanic music – all the other stuff seems always to be racing to get … Continue reading

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So, What’s Your Grocery Mystery?

I’d bet we all have our own list of grocery “mysteries” (a grocery mystery is an item whose price defies reason, as in live lobster for $.49 a lb. Or say, potatoes for $5 a lb.). Often, when these mysteries … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name Anyway?

I just finished reading a New York Times piece about one of my neighbors up here in the northwest who apparently dabbles in making spirits – the drinking kind. This is certainly not unusual, especially up here in Oregon, where … Continue reading

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Another Long, Slow Oregon Spring … Again?

As spring begins to unfold in our Oregon neck of the woods, I feel a little like I’m Charlie Brown playing baseball with Lucy again. Every year – whether I recall my habitual error or not – I make the … Continue reading

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