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What My Garden Taught Me This Year

Gardening is a fascinating pastime. As I dabble in mother nature’s realm, I sense that I’m feeling much as a medical doctor must feel as he/she goes about their craft – essentially, that sense is telling me that although I … Continue reading

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A Fig Overload

My two fig trees (one a Desert King and the other a Brown Turkey) are snuggled up close (too close) to the south wall of the house and right next to a major pathway – I suffer from the landscaper’s … Continue reading

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And How Old Is Your Sourdough Starter?

I think as a species, we tend to take ourselves too seriously! A characteristic we’ve developed, over a rather long time, I’ll admit, is to think that mankind is the most important life form in existence in this world – … Continue reading

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America’s Food Secrets #5 – Monroe, Louisiana

It’s time to dip once more into that pot of America’s Food Secrets and see what we can find. This is the fun project where we look for the streams of food influence brought to America by the early immigrants, … Continue reading

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It’s a Date!

My honey took me out on a date yesterday, for a movie and dinner – I think she’s reporting that I took her out – but, what does it matter? We don’t do much of that kind of stuff now, … Continue reading

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