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America’s Food Secrets #7, Binghamton, New York

This current round of America’s Food Secrets has immersed me in mediocrity for all too long. It is amazing how poorly written and edited are many of these community fund raiser cookbooks which are the subject texts of our project … Continue reading

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The Doctor Revisits the Woods

“… The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep …” In this, arguably, most famous of poems of Robert Frost, the poet is suggesting that we are often … Continue reading

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1997 – Drfugawe Discovers the Existence of Banh Mi

When I first came to Oregon in 1997, one of my pleasant surprises was the number of Asian groceries – Yes, there were Asian groceries in Jacksonville, where I was moving from, but not in the number, or as well … Continue reading

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So, Who Really Writes Bread Books?

There is a buffoon who I occasionally see on TV plugging his now relatively famous book about getting free government grants/money. Michael Lasco I think is his name, but I once went to a writer’s workshop where he did a … Continue reading

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Fermenting Fun with My Bacteria Friends

Those of us who dare to dabble in the world of sourdough often get our noses pushed into our bowls of starter – we are forced to learn more than we really wanted to when we first began the adventure. … Continue reading

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