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The Great Thanksgiving Trauma – Gravy Anxiety!

Our sincerest Thanksgiving wishes to all. I’m in hog heaven at this moment – and have been for the past day – and will be for the next as well. And what’s responsible for this? Well, each Thanksgiving, it’s my … Continue reading

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America’s Food Secrets #8, Vermont Feather Beds

There were two things that my sister and I liked about going to our grandmother’s house in Delaware – and they may have been the only things we liked about it – one was the fact my Gramma Warren (I … Continue reading

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It’s Just a Garden in the Rain …

I’m sitting here today watching it rain on a terribly miserable day! Typical Oregon November. Trying to think of what my next blog post might be about – and I’m looking out on a wonderful summer garden being “drowned” by … Continue reading

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Pierre Nury’s French Rye Ciabatta

A few weeks ago, I did a Daniel Leader bread, Raisin Pumpernickel, to be specific. And recently, I was popping around on The Fresh Loaf and I found another Leader bread, this one Pierre Nury’s Rustic Auvergne Light Rye, which … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate Autumn

If you live in the U.S., anywhere in the U.S., there is a season when all normal activity takes a timeout to make room for that special local something that’s about to come into season – some lucky areas have … Continue reading

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