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Musings and Mutterings – Eating on the Internet

Don’t look now, but you’re about to get run over by a run-away food cart – which seems to be the term to describe something with wheels that’s been outfitted to serve as a mobile restaurant.  The mobile food movement … Continue reading

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Lessons From Bread – Perfection

Bread is mankind’s most basic food – we’ve heard that all our lives, and it’s pretty much common sense – at least in America.  And when Thoreau preached the simple life, he was more than suggesting that simple was not … Continue reading

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As Easy As 1,2,3

One of the things I promised myself upon retirement was that I would learn how to make great bread.  Kinda like one of my “bucket list” items.  And I’ve now spent ten years working on that goal.  Yeah, the bread … Continue reading

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The Doc’s Quick and Dirty Observations

I’m gonna shift gears a little here today, and instead of one of my normal ‘epics”, I’m just going to do a few quick and dirty observations – Let’s go. *  Sourdough 1,2,3 Bread I’m working on the research phase … Continue reading

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The Alien World in My Backyard

I’m often reminded by my wife how unobservant I am – and even though I am, I’m still probably a lot more observant than most humans, at least most men.  This is true on so many levels, but one prime … Continue reading

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