Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I had a difficult time deciding if I really wanted to do a post on today’s subject, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed worthy – and besides, it represents an occasion for celebration for us, and dammit, if a blog post can’t be used for celebrations -or at least to make note of one – what good are they?

So today I’m posting about a roof – you know, the top part of a house.  Our roof has, for over five years, provided us with agony, annoyance, and deep worry about just what it may take to bring it into full functioning order.  A leaking roof – if you have never experienced one – significantly changes your way of life – it also has the potential to change the relationship of those family members sharing that house, although in our case, that never happened, a blessing we should count.

We’ve lived in this house for more than 10 years, and our suspicion is that the sellers may have known that they had roof issues, and decided to transfer them to a new owner.  However, our home inspector didn’t notice anything bad about the roof, and we spent the next five years without any leaks, so we had no idea of the potential for trouble.  Besides, we had a master bedroom and bath added to our relatively small house, and the roofer who built the new roof over this addition supposedly repaired any problems he found as he tied the older roof to the new.  We had no reason to believe that we’d spend from 2005 to 2010 trying to determine why we continued to have minor, but wildly irritating leaks in our house.

For that entire five years, we played a “fix and wait” game to see, when the rains returned, if our fixes had worked – we also spent a good deal of time trying to find a roofer who’d be interested in doing repairs on our roof.  But in America, most roofers (ALL in our area) are simply not interested in doing roof “repairs” – however, they’d be more than happy to put a new roof on your house.  But after five years of this silliness, we’d had enough, and we gave in to the concept of re-roofing the entire roof.

I think by shear luck, our timing was good.  We found an old roofer who I’m sure is very close to retiring – we discovered that he was one of only two remaining roofers in the area who are still using hot tar – we have a flat roof over most of the house, and a hot tar roof is the logical way to re-roof it.  But hot tar not only makes the job more difficult in the summer heat, it increases the insurance cost for the roofer, and is not as profitable for the roofer than are the alternatives – and one by one, area roofers have been giving up on hot taring.  We also learned that our roofer was considered, by those who knew his work, to be a craftsman who refused to use shortcuts in his work – he did his work the old fashioned way.

Just Beautiful - Wouldn't You Say?

So we can now celebrate.  As humans, with all inadequacies, we sometimes lose track of just how emotionally draining some of our chosen paths really are – as I move through the day now, every once in awhile it occurs to me that this winter will be so much more enjoyable than have been our last five – and I almost want to start singing – but then I remember what that would do to those in earshot, and I restrain myself.

Water may be essential for life, and the majority of our body may be water, but I can tell you for sure that water can also make a person miserable.


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I'm a guy with enough time to do as I please, and that my resources allow. The problem(s) are: I have 100s of interests; I have a short attention span; I have instant expectations; I'm lazy; and I'm broke. But I'm OK with all that, 'cause otherwise I'd be so busy, I'd be dead in a year.
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2 Responses to Should I or Shouldn’t I?

  1. Mimi says:

    You have a very cute house.

    I’m happy you got this taken care of. Personally, I hate those kind of annoying things that could get fixed but don’t get fixed and then just sit around being an annoyance day after day after day. I bet you will feel so calm the next time it rains. You’ll be able to enjoy the rain!

  2. drfugawe says:

    You are too kind, Mimi. Actually, I’ve wondered about what my emotion may be when it starts raining again – however, I doubt I’ll be enjoying the rain.

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