Now, Where Was I When I Was So Rudely Interupted? Oh Yeah!


Tonight's Roast Lamb

I’m looking for a way to end my self-imposed hiatus from The Lost World of Drfugawe – if anyone has any suggestions, please send them along.

Seriously, it’s much more difficult than one would think. I’ve started this effort more times than I’d like to admit – always after a good start, it begins not to feel right – and if you’ve done any writing, you know how writers like to ‘clear the drawing board’ and start all over. I finally decided that what’s needed are a few rules or goals to guide me through this – and here they are:

* This attempt is it … regardless!

* This post has to be short.

* And after much thought about why I experienced burnout last fall, I’ve decided to promise myself that I will NEVER subject myself to a posting schedule or deadline of any kind! I promise to post only when I have something I want to share, even if that means a week, or two weeks, or even more, between posts.

I’ve thought a lot about this – about why I blog – and about the best way to go about that. I assume all food bloggers start out by saying to themselves, ‘I blog for my own satisfaction’ – and at that point in time, no one can argue with that. But for a significant number of those ‘purist’ bloggers, something happens alone the way that changes the landscape, and the way they approach their blog, even if they don’t realize it! It could be commercial success – ad revenue can change everything – and it’s like having a boss. Readership is another factor that has the potential to change things – 100s of readers every post will soon have a blogger thinking about how to assure that their content retains appeal. And for me, once a blogger begins thinking that they MUST post tomorrow, it’s a job, not a pleasure. And I never want to be in that position.

I’ll assume that if you’re reading this, you are interested in food – and that you enjoy cooking or baking. And if I’m correct about that, I’ll also assume that you enjoy those endeavors for essentially the same reasons I do – and those reasons would be basically twofold: one, because you like to eat good food, and two, because you like to share good food with others. Well, after a lot of thought, these are the same reasons why I like to blog about cooking and baking – I like to write, and I want to learn to write better. And so I can say I blog for my own satisfaction. But I also blog about food because I want to share what I’m learning about food, and those wonderful taste experiences – and when I view blogging in that perspective, it becomes a more pleasurable endeavor.

As foodies, our enjoyment is on two levels: we experience the joy of creating a new taste; and later, we experience the joy of sharing it with others – and the circle is complete. So I think it must be with blogging – it’s not enough that we blog in a vacuum, anymore than it’s enough that we cook only for ourselves – it’s important that we have readers and guests to share with, in order that our enjoyment is complete.

You needn’t agree with me on this -it’s OK if you don’t- but for me, if my blog ever becomes a job, rather than a pleasure, it’s not worth the effort any longer. But at this moment, there’s a lot I’d love to share with you – a whole six month’s worth, in fact – hopefully, I can split it up into more than just one big long post!


Yesterday's Bread

Now, eat well – I’ll be back.  (Yes – for me, this is a short post!)


About drfugawe

I'm a guy with enough time to do as I please, and that my resources allow. The problem(s) are: I have 100s of interests; I have a short attention span; I have instant expectations; I'm lazy; and I'm broke. But I'm OK with all that, 'cause otherwise I'd be so busy, I'd be dead in a year.
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12 Responses to Now, Where Was I When I Was So Rudely Interupted? Oh Yeah!

  1. Welcome back, Dr. You have made my day.

    Like you I love to cook good food but I have to be able to share it with others in order to enjoy it myself. If I had to cook everyday (which I did when my family was young) then it would be a job and I would not like that.

    Please just keep writing about what you love and we, who follow you, enjoy reading.

    There is also the fact that you are teaching some of us (me) about things we didn’t know we could do or how to do.

    Happy days are here again!

  2. So glad to see you’ve come back, Doc! I love your new post. I have felt often that I am not pleasing the folks that provide this excellent sharing source. Little hints that I am lacking keep showing up and I have felt tempted at times to just stop writing altogether. I don’t make any money from the blog and am probably not making much for WordPress either because I have stubbornly stuck to writing just when I felt like it. I also have only 10 subscribed followers so not much of what I have to say is going anywhere. Still, I like having it and tend to it when I feel the need. I relate totally to your comment about something pleasurable becoming a job. That always seems to happen when we do things to please others or to make money (neither of which I am opposed to, by the way). If you love writing, love food, love making food, and sharing well-written words about food, you should write. Write when you feel like it. Write when you have something important to say. If you take longer to say it, but say it less often, maybe you’ll be happier in the long run. Honestly, I subscribe to several blogs …all of which are well written and interesting…however, time is precious to all of us and I really don’t have time to read every post that comes into my mailbox. I figure we are pushed to write more because someone (not me) is making more money when we post more often. I am writing and posting photos for free so I do it when I feel like it. Once a month doesn’t seem too soon to me…longer if need be. I’ll be reading your next post whenever it comes. Glad to have you back on board.

    • drfugawe says:

      Thanks for the sentiment, Glenda – it feels good to doing this again – although I’m feeling much like a beginner again. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  3. Joanna says:

    What a fine loaf you have there !

    Here’s looking at you Doc:) I read your blog because it’s you writing it, and quite honestly, entre nous, I can’t keep up with folks who write reams every day. I only tried posting to a schedule a couple of times and it took all the fun out of it. I like surprise, I treasure randomness. I grinned when you commented over on my blog the other day and thought, hey, hey, maybe the Doc is back in blogtown. How’s the garden? Best wishes Joanna

    • drfugawe says:

      I am thrilled that you noticed the bread. It’s one of the things I’ve been working on while on respite – I’m eager to do a few posts about what I’ve learned – and what with my new-found sensitivities to a minimalistic approach, might even get a half dozen out of it! Garden is doing it’s best to soak up all the late rain we’re getting this year, but the tiller is tuned and ready to do its thing.

      Feels good to be talking again, Jo – thanks for your support.

  4. Glenda says:

    Hi Doc

    A comment – as promised. I came across your blog via Celia’s ‘Fig Jam and Lime Cordial’. When reading your blog and comments on other people’s blogs, you seemed to be a man with attitude (which I like by the way) and to have something to say, rather than commenting for the sake of it. I would regulary check out your blog and especially liked your posts on Down Syndrome and the arrival of Henry. How is he? I have 3 dogs of my own and love them to bits.

    I am recently retired so have more leisure time to read blogs and comment on them. I have even started one of my own.

    regards Glenda

    PS: it is interesting that you already have a comment from a Glenda – it is not a particularly common name.

    • drfugawe says:

      Yes, Glenda is a bit unusual, and I was just a bit confused myself – OK, now I’ve got it – thanks. Congrats on your commenting – it’s really the fun part of blogging.

      Henry is doing very well – however, he does not appreciate Oregon’s winter rains – but he is trained to a sheet of newspaper (or two) at the back door – maybe not ideal, but a decent compromise. We’ve also ‘rescued’ a very young Siamese kitten, who decided to live under our back door wood stack during the coldest part of the winter – she and Henry are wonderful play pals, but when she plays ‘attack lioness’, Henry is not so sure he wants to play.

      Now, another promise – I’ll be stopping by your new blog to catch more of your thoughts – I try to do that with all my commenters who also have blogs
      Take care.

  5. tuppercooks says:

    Hey Doc, Need some pics of the pets!

    • drfugawe says:

      Coming up amigo – I’ve got a lot of ‘catch-up’ to do! But first, I’ve got to follow them around with the camera – it’s cute to see them playing together – I’d love to get some shots of that.

  6. Doc, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do here! Thought I should start at the very beginning though.
    So good to see you back, and I totally agree about the blog, if it ever becomes a chore to do and you feel obligated… time for a step back. Blogging should be fun, and at times I’ve certainly had to remind myself of that.

  7. drfugawe says:

    Hi Brydie,
    Thanks for the welcome back – I much enjoy your very practical posts – I think I’ve taken more good stuff from your blog than any single blog I visit. Hopefully, I’ve got something you can profit from too.

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