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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, a Pickin’ We Will Go

If you guys blog, I know this has happened to you – you have at least 3 ideas for new posts, and one you even have done the photos for – and that’s significant – and you’re only a day … Continue reading

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Beyond Sourdough – or, Is Instant Yeast Really That Bad?

Hey, … hey you, bread-maker – yeah, you!  I want to talk about sourdough for a few minutes – and maybe get your input too.  OK? Currently, I’m on a sourdough hiatus – this happens to me frequently; I just … Continue reading

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Toward a More Perfect Sandwich Roll

One of my more ‘constructive’ jobs during my adolescence was as a short-order cook at a very popular local hamburger restaurant – although the restaurant didn’t open until 9am, I arrived at 6 to get started on the day’s prep … Continue reading

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Ciabatta, the Magic Bread

Do you believe in magic? I do. I just don’t know if my definition is the same as most other folks. To me, I live in a magic world, because my definition of magic is anything I don’t fully understand … Continue reading

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Question of the Century: Can Good Pizza Be Made at Home?

My mother often lied to me when I was a child. Not intentionally perhaps – oh OK, intentionally, but for my own good, from her perspective. Such as when she convinced my sister and I that the whole world ate … Continue reading

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