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Bones – Trash or Treasure?

I’m really a weak person.  I mean this in the sense of not having the strength of my own convictions.  It’s like I have one part of me that intellectually knows what’s right and wrong, but then when faced with the … Continue reading

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Cookies Even a Singing Frog Would Enjoy

The frogs are singing again.  I think, somewhat unconsciously, I consider the singing frogs as our local sign that our long, slow winter may actually be easing – always an encouraging thought in these parts.  Their singing comes as a … Continue reading

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Hey! Don’t Throw That Away.

While recently doing a few posts on new and unique ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers, I had a thought; why not do a monthly post on the past month’s best use of leftovers?  Hey, we all have them, and we … Continue reading

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