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Momofuku’s Kim Chi

Question – What Asian dish has attained a cult popularity, but continues to scare the bejezus out of most diners?  If you guessed, Kim Chi -and I bet you did- you nailed it.  I’ve been eating Kim Chi for a … Continue reading

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Hey! Don’t Throw That Away.

While recently doing a few posts on new and unique ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers, I had a thought; why not do a monthly post on the past month’s best use of leftovers?  Hey, we all have them, and we … Continue reading

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Are You Sure Bacteria is Eatable?

Some of you are going to think this post is a little weird, but I hope I can convince you otherwise – I want to talk about how bacteria is useful in preserving foods. You may already know all about … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Friendly Pickles

Even the most casual observer of the history of mankind eventually recognizes the many healthy habits and food related practices of our forebears that were almost universal, but which certainly were not fully understood from a scientific perspective.  Was it … Continue reading

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All Those Pretty Pears

The pretty pear pictured above has an interesting history – which of course I’m going to tell you.  Back when I was selecting the fruit trees for my yard, I wanted some pear trees, since pears do well here in … Continue reading

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