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And How Was Your Christmas?

I’m going to use Christmas as an excuse to get back into the blogging pool.  San and I spent our Christmas as we do most other days -by ourselves- and we had a most delightful day!  Hoping not to bore … Continue reading

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Asian Comfort Food – Char Siu

Been a little while since my last post, but not all my chosen fault.  About the beginning of the month, I had cataract surgery, but admittedly, these days, that’s not much of an excuse – my Doc tells me it’s … Continue reading

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Tis the Season

I grew up on a farm – and as any farm kid knows, autumn is the time of year when all of nature’s activity is rushing to a climax – it’s not hard to see that most of the hard work … Continue reading

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Mushroom Mania

I have a problem. Not a big problem, in fact, it’s not even a bad problem – just one of those nagging life issues which force a man to call on his or her creative juices – just the kind … Continue reading

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Pork is for Sharing

Yesterday, we had our good friend, Rich over to reconnect, share some stories, and to show him the progress in the garden – since we usually are making something a little bit special each weekend, it was also an opportunity … Continue reading

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The World’s Best Easy Chicken

I owe Thomas Keller – you know, of The French Laundry fame – an apology.  Oh I’m sure he doesn’t give a damn one way or the other, but I feel I just owe the guy a public apology.  So, here … Continue reading

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