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The Whole Leek, and Nothing But the Leek

I’m a slow learner. I realize now that my mother was well aware of this, and it must have been difficult for her, from a frustration end I mean. Were my education to begin today, I’d probably be labeled with … Continue reading

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At Last, The Salmon Post

I’ve never done a post on salmon and I don’t know why – it’s something we make sure we never buy frozen (or previously frozen and thawed), and we avoid farm raised in lieu of better tasting wild fish. But … Continue reading

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The Art of Parking

Years ago, we moved to Oregon to rid our lives of the ‘traffic-jammedness’ of city life – anyone who has ever lived in an urban area knows the feeling – you reach a point where you just know you must … Continue reading

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The Crabs of Autumn

Our rains have returned.  After 4 months of no rain, in the last 10 days, we’ve had more than 5 1/2 inches.  That’s a sure sign that our so-called summer is officially ended.  Oh, we’ll still have some nice days … Continue reading

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Garden Metamorphosis

I’m an old farm kid, having spent my years 4 to 10 on a chicken farm in New Jersey.  And although we certainly weren’t self-sufficient, I do know I got a good dose of good old American agrilife.  We had … Continue reading

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