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A Tale of Three Cultures

This photo of Merida Urban Adventures is courtesy of TripAdvisor The Mercado in Merida, Mexico Sandee and I moved to Florida -from New Jersey- in the early ’70s – and we took Melissa along with us.  It took us a … Continue reading

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Big City Adventures for Elderly Kids

We used to be serious travelers – and I remember how much joy and fun we’d always have, even when things didn’t go well.  Ah youth. Now-a-days, Sandee has to drag me out just to go into town – I’m … Continue reading

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How Catalinians Celebrate July 4th.

We’re back from a lovely adventure on Catalina Island, and while the real world forces itself back into our lives, my memories of Catalina are still strong enough that I think it’s best that I do a post based on a few … Continue reading

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L.A., Jefferson, and All That Fish – Oh My!

Just got back from a long fun weekend in California, L.A. to be exact, where my oldest daughter, Melissa, got her doctorate in Gerontology.  These are always good times for families, especially when the entire time is used for celebrating … Continue reading

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Going Where No Man Has Gone Before, … with Bill

It’s been more than a week since I’ve posted – reason being that it’s difficult -if not impossible- to work on one’s blog when on the road.  Whatever.  But I thought I’d do a travel related post, since this is … Continue reading

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