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Ever Hear of Thai Muffins?

My daughter, Melanie and I have been discussing sweet potatoes and how much she and I enjoy them – and enjoy cooking and baking with them. On the heels of last week’s simple but exotic Thai Coconut Shrimp Curry with … Continue reading

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Panettone – a Christmas Challenge

Now that the cookies are baked, I’m beginning to feel a bit more Christmasy. And I’ve been thinking I’d like to try Panettone. Panettone was never a Christmas tradition in our family, as it was with many of our neighbors … Continue reading

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It’s Butter Season Again!

Yes, I’ve noticed that butter has a definite season, and it extends from Thanksgiving on thru New Year’s – at that point, “resolutions” override the eating of rich and sweet lusciousness for another year. I love butter, and I’ve always … Continue reading

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Sourdough as Kitchen Science – 2

Currently, I have four pets: a new puppy named Gracie; Muffy the cat; and two sourdoughs. Yes, the sourdoughs are pets! They are living, breathing organisms, each with very different natures and personalities. And they easily take as much care and attention – in Muffy’s case, a lot more – as the other two pets. They require food and drink, usually on a daily basis, and regular attention. And if they don’t get it, they soon become ill and unable to perform their intended function, making wonderful bread. It’s because sourdough requires such attention that usually sees it getting stuck in the back of the refrigerator, where it eventually meets a neglected death.

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Sourdough as Kitchen Science – 1

One of my semi-regular activities is baking bread, and I like to tell myself that I’m a good baker, but unlike cooking, which is much more of an art, baking is way too scientific to allow an artistic approach.  That … Continue reading

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