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Ciabatta, the Magic Bread

Do you believe in magic? I do. I just don’t know if my definition is the same as most other folks. To me, I live in a magic world, because my definition of magic is anything I don’t fully understand … Continue reading

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Another Slice of Pumpernickel Raisin

I’ve discovered a nasty element of food blogging.  Not that I haven’t suspected it for quite some time, but only just recently have I finally faced it head-on and answered back.  I speak of the food blogging concept that once … Continue reading

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Pierre Nury’s French Rye Ciabatta

A few weeks ago, I did a Daniel Leader bread, Raisin Pumpernickel, to be specific. And recently, I was popping around on The Fresh Loaf and I found another Leader bread, this one Pierre Nury’s Rustic Auvergne Light Rye, which … Continue reading

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So, Who Really Writes Bread Books?

There is a buffoon who I occasionally see on TV plugging his now relatively famous book about getting free government grants/money. Michael Lasco I think is his name, but I once went to a writer’s workshop where he did a … Continue reading

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