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Welcome To Oregon – Now Go Home!

I thought it was time that I did a post on the uniqueness of my state – and it is indeed unique! What makes it unique? That depends on who you ask. Ask an easterner, and they’ll answer by saying, … Continue reading

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The Garden Calls

I’m semi-serious about gardening here in western Oregon – and I’d be totally serious if my body allowed me to be! I’m totally enthused, and totally motivated, but some gardening tasks, like when I use the tiller, forces me to … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name Anyway?

I just finished reading a New York Times piece about one of my neighbors up here in the northwest who apparently dabbles in making spirits – the drinking kind. This is certainly not unusual, especially up here in Oregon, where … Continue reading

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Another Long, Slow Oregon Spring … Again?

As spring begins to unfold in our Oregon neck of the woods, I feel a little like I’m Charlie Brown playing baseball with Lucy again. Every year – whether I recall my habitual error or not – I make the … Continue reading

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The Mushroom Rain

There are several journeyman tasks that a new-comer to Oregon must live through before one can confidently call oneself an Oregonian.  One is to learn how to pronounceOregon (or-a-gin, short i) – No other way, please!  Another is to experience … Continue reading

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