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Sourdough – the Secret World of Acid and Gas

Let’s discuss the character of sourdough a little – we often hear it described as a ‘wild yeast’, and we know that yeasts are fungi – a relation to forest mushrooms. But we also know that sourdough must also host … Continue reading

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Do Bloggers Have Sea Legs?

During my recent forced sabbatical, I would often think to myself, ‘Hmm, that idea would be a nice blog post subject’ – and instead of jotting it down somewhere, I’d just file it away in the recesses of my brain, … Continue reading

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Another 1,2,3 Update and Adaptation

I’m still playing with the many possible variations of the 1,2,3 sourdough loaf that has captured my imagination for the last several months.  For this latest iteration, I decided to increase the amount of commercial yeast -I use SAF Instant- … Continue reading

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When You Are Humbled By a Loaf of Bread …

It’s only right and fair that I admit that one big reason why I successfully completed my recent eye surgery rehab was that I had heretofore unmentioned assistance – namely from my helpmate and private duty nurse, Sandee.  At the … Continue reading

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But, Can You Come Home Again?

I’ve always been fascinated with Thomas Wolfe’s concept about how man can’t retrace his/her steps through experience and growth – and the older we get, the truer this concept becomes.  It’s like our spirit is kept prisoner in the depths … Continue reading

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