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Hey, You Wanna See My Garden, … Please?

I consider most garden blog posts to be the equivalent of an evening at the neighbors watching vacation clips – or sitting through a session with the boss, as he shows off his collection of wallet pics of his kids … Continue reading

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It’s Just a Garden in the Rain …

I’m sitting here today watching it rain on a terribly miserable day! Typical Oregon November. Trying to think of what my next blog post might be about – and I’m looking out on a wonderful summer garden being “drowned” by … Continue reading

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What My Garden Taught Me This Year

Gardening is a fascinating pastime. As I dabble in mother nature’s realm, I sense that I’m feeling much as a medical doctor must feel as he/she goes about their craft – essentially, that sense is telling me that although I … Continue reading

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Garden – As Mistress and Master

I’ve been ignoring my blog lately mainly because of the amount of time the garden is demanding – not that it isn’t fun, but it does cut into one’s other activities. And I keep remembering that awhile back, I was … Continue reading

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