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I’m Zoning Out, … on Panettone

Hope your Christmas went well, and that you are taking it easy today, getting a little respite from all the frantic holiday activity – Rest is good! We had our friends, Tina and Rich over for Christmas dinner, and it … Continue reading

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Sneaking Up On Christmas

One of the better things about being old -and there are damn few- is that time moves faster and faster every year.  A few days ago was Thanksgiving, and Christmas is due in only a few more.  This bothers some … Continue reading

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Panettone, a Christmas Challenge – II

It was with a good degree of trepidation that I approached the oven at the end of five hours, but I needn’t had, because the Panettone dough had nicely risen to within a few inches of the top of the … Continue reading

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Panettone – a Christmas Challenge

Now that the cookies are baked, I’m beginning to feel a bit more Christmasy. And I’ve been thinking I’d like to try Panettone. Panettone was never a Christmas tradition in our family, as it was with many of our neighbors … Continue reading

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